Portuguese Cup goes to Sporting

Luiz Phellype decided the game with a decisive penalty after a two-goal draw against FC Porto in the 120th minute.

The Portuguese Cup was won by Sporting in Jamor, the 17th Portuguese Cup conquered, beating FC Porto on penalties, 5-4, after a draw with two balls in extra time. Luiz Phellype scored after Renan defended Fernando Andrade’s shot.

In a National Stadium, with a fantastic atmosphere, the supporters to star in a party in the stands, with the first minutes belonged to Sporting, who without Ristovski and Borja, Bruno Gaspar with the right and Acuna left on the field, and it was even on the left that they began to create danger.

But the first occasion of goal was Porto, Soares the most advanced man, Marega to move farther to the right, Brahimi left, and Otávio, on the back, was a Brazilian midfielder who forced Renan to the opening defence after 6 minutes.

Sporting’s response was not delayed. At 10 ‘, Bruno Fernandes also tested the attention of Vaná with a good shot from the half distance, and at 11’, following a free from the Portuguese international, Raphinha was within inches of the goal.

There were chances of both sides, and at 24 ‘, after Bruno Gaspar’s loss of ball in the forbidden zone, Marega scored but was cancelled worse offside. After 30 minutes, Bruno Fernandes came in from the right, but his shot hit the post.

In the 41st minute, now legal, FC Porto advanced on the scoreboard. Free set by Alex Telles on the left side, the defence of Sporting cuts the ball to the feet of Herrera and the Mexican crossed and Soares, head, highest, hits Renan.

Even after the first half, Sporting came out with a last-gasp draw, Bruno Fernandes inside the penalty area, and a left-footed cross from the left, with no chance for Vaná, the ball deflecting Danilo.

Second part dominated by Porto

FC Porto went better in the second half to create clear situations to solve the game. Always with Soares in edidência, forced the Sporting to retreat, with Renan and the lack of aim of Porto to maintain the tie. In the first set, Soares, with a strong cross-shot, hit the right post. After 60 minutes, he gave Renan a difficult save.

It was only in the last fifteen minutes that Marcel Keizer’s Sporting, with Wendel, mid-range, to close. Renan almost gave the game to Porto, handing the ball to Herrera, but was still in time to solve the problem, avoiding the goal.

Until the end of the second half only gave Porto, who only did not finish to win because the goalkeeper of Sporting was at a great level.

Improper game for cardiac supporters

FC Porto to get better, but the goal was Sporting. Acuña crossed on the left, Felipe cut badly and the ball fell at the feet of Bas Dost, who did not forgive and scored a 23rd goal this season.

But in the last game of the match, Felipe rose to the Sporting area and, after several rebounds, deflected to the Sporting goal, to the madness of the blue and white supporters and complete disillusionment of the Sporting supporters who were already grabbing the cup.

Sporting luckier on the penalties

Sporting was the happiest winning by 5-4. With Renan stopping the shot from Fernando Andrade, and Luiz Phellype not wasting. The tears of Frederico Varandas. Sporting president, on the tribune of Jamor, manifests the importance of this trophy for Sporting.

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