Portuguese decedent youth without interest in “community things”

The lack of interest of the young people of Portuguese descent for the “things of the Portuguese community” is a reason for academic study by the Portuguese Community Counselor Daniel Loureiro.

[dropcap type=”background”]D[/dropcap]aniel Loureiro, a 28-year-old Portuguese-Canadian living in Montreal, intends with this survey to “find out why there is not a greater adherence of Lusodeans to community events.

My objective in this study, which will be concluded shortly, is to identify the feeling that the young people (Portuguese descendants) have vis-à-vis the Portuguese community and also against Portugal, and we often say that they are not interested in the things of the community But why will it be? ” she asked.

Son of emigrants from Ribatejo, the youngest of the councillors of the Portuguese Communities, in the post since 2015, explained that the purpose of the study “is to find answers to the problem.

We always have that feeling and idea that there is a lack of interest in young people for a variety of reasons, but we have never asked them that question, why do they have this feeling towards the community and what is their feelings about Portugal? different.

The councillor of the Portuguese Communities also stressed the importance of the study in the sense of “being able to help understand the future of the Portuguese community“.

However, the lack of interest may also arise in the “disinterest of the community by young people,” and guilt “is a mystery of life,” he warned.

There may be a lack of interest on the part of some young people vis-a-vis the Portuguese community, but above all, in the image, they projectThe disinterest comes before what the community allows it to appear, we want things other than just parties and dancing. “

Daniel Loureiro is convinced that the youth of the community “are proud of their roots and belong to the Portuguese community” whether they are in Montreal, Toronto or in other cities around the world.

Young people “have this pride“, now we have to “fill that pride” with activities to “keep the community alive” that in 40 or 50 years will have to “rejuvenate.

According to Ottawa, there are about 480,000 Portuguese and Portuguese descendants.

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