Portuguese Denim is fashionable and affirms it in London

The Portuguese bargain is expanding and has more and more international demand. At the Denim Première Vision in London, the entourage ‘From Portugal’ enshrines the growth of this sector and takes new steps in the conquest of emerging markets.

The debut of the entourage ‘From Portugal’ at Denim Première Vision is just another proof that the Portuguese bargains are internationally recognized. At the London fair, scheduled for 5 and 6 December, Portuguese companies are preparing to showcase their novelties and win new customers for national denim.

Crafil, Lisama and Troficolor make up the rookie delegation that will be in the UK under the ‘From Portugal’ project of the Selective Fashion Association. In the event, before an audience of thousands of visitors, Portuguese companies are preparing to present their new collections for next year.

“It is an international benchmark in the Denim garment sector,” explains Abraão Fertuzinhos, manager of Lisama, about the decision to participate in the fair. In London, the Guimarães company will present a collection based on two assumptions: technology and sustainability; with which it expects to win new customers, especially in the Nordic markets, where it finds a greater demand for its range of articles.

The Troficolor, meanwhile, is essentially focused on the British market. “Despite all the uncertainties of Brexit, it is a market that already has some importance for the Troficolor and that will continue to work,” says Patrícia Magalhães, Head of International Business of the trofense company. Specializing in denim and already with an international presence rooted in, the Troficolor hopes to increase its turnover and part to England already with the certainty of some meetings marked.

Focused on the yarn market, Crafil hopes to find new horizons in London for its internationalization project. With a long tradition of bargaining, Riba de Ave’s company has focused on sustainable products such as Denimfil Eco, a yarn created from recycled raw materials.

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