Portuguese descent prepares to film in honour of Portuguese emigrants

The Portuguese descent Philippe Machado Domingues is making a film in honour of Portuguese emigrants who will talk about “the difficulty of saying goodbye when you have to return to France”.

Son of Portuguese parents, the director was born in France and, at the age of 22, continues to go to Portugal regularly, a country that feels like his own and that inspired him to make the short film ‘A l’année prochaine’ pro year ‘].

“It’s an autobiographical piece and a piece of fiction. It’s a film I wanted to develop about French-Portuguese emigration and, above all, because of a story I’ve lived, the death of an uncle of mine. to say goodbye when we have to leave for France again when the holidays are over,”.

To raise funds for his first professional film, Philippe Machado Domingues used a participatory financing campaign on the internet, received university grants and asked for support from his family.

Filming took place this summer between Cambeses and Portela, two villages on the outskirts of Monção, where the Portuguese descent has “almost the entire family”, and the film should be ready in February. Afterwards, Philippe Machado will “organize projections in France, Portugal”, namely in Monção, participate in festivals and try the festival Curtas de Vila do Conde.

Taking the Portuguese emigration to his first film was unavoidable, as much by the familiar history, as by the artistic influences.

“I am very much influenced by the Portuguese culture, whether in the cinema, music or other arts. For me, it was something obvious to make a film about Portugal. The point of view is true to the Franco-Portuguese emigration and how is it a summer? villages there and all the traditions that we can live in this ‘Dear Month of August’, as Miguel Gomes said, “continued the young man.

“That Dear Month of August”, by the director Miguel Gomes, was “a real influence” for being “a generous filmmaker with the Portuguese people”, as well as Manoel de Oliveira for the “realism of his first films”.

The Portuguese cinema, also with the directors João Salaviza and António Reis, marked their “love” to the art, in a connection “of saudades with Portugal”, although it was born and raised in France.

“I’m in France, watching these films and I have my head in Portugal. They are films that are a bit more important because it’s the culture of my country,” said the young man who was born. and grew up in France.

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