Portuguese director among the new members of the Oscars Academy

The Portuguese director and producer Abi Feijó was invited to join the United States Academy of Cinema, which awards the Oscars awards annually.

The name of Abi Feijó appears in the list of 849 new members, from 54 countries, released today by the American Academy, who invited them, and who will have voting power in the choice of winners.

With the entry of new members, the Hollywood academy aims to make the association more diverse and representative, specifying that of the total new members this year, 50 percent are women and 29 percent are “people of color”.

Abi Feijó was born in Braga in 1956, graduated in Graphic Arts and Design from the Superior School of Fine Arts in Porto, where he founded his first animated film studio, Filmógrafo.

Before, he studied at the Office National du Film du Canada, under the guidance of Pierre Hébert, where he made his first film, ‘Oh Que Calma’ (1985).

In 2000 he created the Casa da Animação, a cultural center dedicated to the Cinema of Animation, in Porto, and later to the producer Ciclope Filmes.

After his debut in the film, he also directed the short films “Nights Out on the Street” (1988), “Os Salteadores” (1993) – one of his most awarded films – Fado Lusitano (1994) and Clandestino (2000).

With Regina Pessoa, who joined the Hollywood academy last year, made ‘Stars of Christmas’ in 1998, and with Daniela Duarte, ‘Our Lady of the Presentation’ in 2016.

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