Portuguese doctor receives international award in stroke area

Ana Paiva Nunes received the first prize of an international registry of stroke treatments for reperfusion therapy, making São José the thrombectomy centre that registers more patients and with better data quality.

Information on the premium is on the SITS website, which is an independent registration system based at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, a medical initiative aimed at improving stroke treatment, reducing its overall burden and improving treatments.

The doctor Ana Paiva Nunes explained that in Portugal there is no obligation to register patients undergoing reperfusion treatments. In her case, the São José hospital doctor began to register all patients undergoing thrombectomy, which is the removal of the vessel or thrombus, which is the method usually indicated in large clots.

About the award, delivered Monday in Sweden, the doctor stressed that this is not a comparison regarding the treatment of patients with stroke, but rather relates to the inclusion and registration of people undergoing a treatment.

Specifically, São José, a hospital integrated into the Hospital Center of Central Lisbon, was distinguished as the centre with the largest register of patients and with better data quality.

According to Ana Paiva Nunes, the registration of patients, which is mandatory in some countries, “is the only way” of a hospital to compare with other centres, especially in Portugal, where there is no national registry.

Only a national registry would have known, for example, how many stroke patients have undergone thrombolysis or thrombectomy.

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