Portuguese Fado singer participates in project of Arab conservatory of Israel

The fado singer Cláudia Picado will participate, in the first quarter of 2019, in the fusion project ‘Artist Cooperation – Portuguese Fado & Arabic Music’, led by Amer Nakhleh, director of Beit Almusica, an Arab musical organization based in Israel.

The ‘Artist Cooperation – Portuguese Fado & ArabicMusic’ project aims to create a melting musical atmosphere, involving fado and Arabian sounds of the Middle East, ‘going beyond the limits of language and cultural differences’, according to a statement released today.

The result of this partnership between Cláudia Picado and six Palestinian musicians, with the participation of José Duarte (Portuguese guitar), takes shape in the recording of an album in August of next year, to be published in Israel and distributed by several countries’.

“A new artistic expression will be born in the dialogue and mutual musical and cultural understanding between Portugal and the Palestinian community of the Israeli city of Shafa’amr”, where Beit Almusica, a non-profit organization, is the only conservatory of Arab-Palestinian music recognized in Israel “.

In this project, Cláudia Picado recounts a poem by Mário Raínho, one of the most engraved and distinguished poets of fado with several prizes, among which the Amália Prize for Best Poet, in 2006.

Beit Almusica is a non-profit non-governmental organization created in 1999 by a group of young artists and musicians in Shafa’amr, 113 kilometers north of Tel Aviv.

According to its website, this organization aims to “promote the cultural rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel, enrich society by developing musical environments, opening perspectives for artists, and interacting musically with other cultures.”

To create and strengthen professional musical structures and infrastructures, to preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Arab and Eastern music, to develop musical culture and to raise the awareness of the Palestinian community about musical appreciation, and to enable them to explore a variety of musical genres , are objectives of the organization, as well as facilitating access to professional music education.

Due to this project with the Arab musicians, “Cláudia Picado will postpone the launch of its new album of originals in Portugal, which counts on the poets and musicians of the Portuguese musical landscape with which it is most identified, among them Tozé Brito, Jorge Fernando , Guilherme Banza, Mário Rainho and Tiago Torres da Silva “.

Cláudia Picado sings for 18 years, won several fado contests, discographically broke in 2004 with the album ‘Ausencia’, in which she recorded repertoire of Amália Rodrigues. Last year, the fado singer was awarded the Cultural Merit Medal of the county of Cadaval, where it is natural.

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