Portuguese fashion promoted in London and Paris in September

Portugal Fashion will be girdling itself in the new season to make international fashion shows during the fashion weeks of London and Paris in September, said the official source.

Portugal Fashion, a project of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), decided to “concentrate its international fashion shows in two great fashion capitals, Paris and London”, in this new season of international fashion shows that starts with fashion week from 14 to 18 September, spokeswoman Mónica Neto said, adding that for 2017-2018 the approved amount of funding was “approximately four million euros.”

The Spring / Summer 2019 season, which began with the men’s fashion weeks in June in Milan, Rome and Paris through a focus on the internationalization of the young designers’ platform designers Bloom, returns in September for women’s fashion weeks, focusing on in London and Paris.

“Portugal Fashion has chosen to concentrate its international fashion shows in two major fashion capitals – Paris and London – increasing the number of Portuguese brands and designers in their fashion weeks. The current economic situation, the commercial interests of designers and brands, the need to involve new players and the strategic management of the different promotional cycles, among other reasons, led to the reinforcement of the bet in Paris and London – two of the biggest windows of international fashion, “explains Monica Neto.

Portugal Fashion continues, however, to consider “strategic” to be in other international events.

“This does not mean that Portugal Fashion fails to consider the presence of Portuguese fashion in other international events, such as Milan (Italy) and New York (USA), where we have achieved good results in terms of trade and visibility, to manage the participation of creators and brands in a logical maximization of the opportunities that the markets present at a given moment, “she adds.

The big bets that Portugal Fashion highlights next season start on September 13, with the presentation of the spring / summer 2019 collection of the Portuguese designer Ana Teixeira de Sousa, creator of the brand Sophia Kah. The parade will take place at the official residence of the Portuguese ambassador in London between 18:00 and 20:00.

Ana Teixeira de Sousa, from a family with a tradition in the textile sector in the area of ??Felgueiras, went to London to study International Management, but the passion for fashion spoke louder and in 2010 she created the brand Sophia Kah. Today on his list of clients are, for example, the actress Keira Knightley or the singers Nelly Furtado and Florence Welch.

On September 14, at 10:30, it’s the turn of the new collection of the creator Alexandra Moura in the context of London fashion week, in what is the fifth time that the ‘designer’ presents at that event.

Portugal Fashion believes that London is “an important showcase for the international fashion players” it intends to achieve, namely the “Asian markets”, such as Japan, China and Kuwait.

The international route of Portugal Fashion follows later to the fashion week of Paris, whose official calendar takes place between September 25 and October 03. On September 25, the Portuguese brand Marques’Almeida will debut at that fashion event in France.

Still in Paris fashion week, the Portuguese designers Luís Buchinho and Diogo Miranda, both on September 26, present their spring / summer 2019 collections in the French capital.

Luís Buchinho has been a frequent contributor to Paris fashion week since 2009, but has also held parades in New York (USA) and São Paulo (Brazil).

Designer Diogo Miranda debuted on Portugal Fashion Week’s 2015 international fashion week, having already presented showroom collections in London, Berlin and New York.

Portugal Fashion is co-financed by Portugal 2020 under the Compete 2020 Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization with funds from the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

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