Portuguese Federation of Naturism starts beach officialization in the North

The Portuguese Federation of Naturism began a process of officialization of another naturist beach, this time to the north, in the municipality of Matosinhos, told the agency

“The process entered the Chamber of Matosinhos about two weeks ago, and we are waiting for all the necessary legal proceedings.”

The head of the federation said that she was “very well received,” adding that she was given “total willingness to move forward with the process.”

In Portugal, there are eight official beaches for practicing naturism, all in the south of the country, although in many others the practice has been “tolerated and habitual for several years”.

Naturism is not limited to going to the beach without a bathing suit: “We have some naturist parks in our country where it is possible to be in harmony with nature.”

Viana do Castelo, Santiago do Cacém and Marvão have parks or small naturist units.

The federation also has information on the creation of two more naturist parks, in Alzejur, and in the region of Greater Lisbon.

“We believe that in the near future it will be possible to have more and better infrastructures for the naturist practice in Portugal,” he said.

The private initiative, he said, “begins to realize that this could be an important tourist niche.”

On the beaches, he said, there is still “a long way to go”, since they lack support infrastructures, such as a simple bar or surveillance.

According to Filipa Gouveia Esteves, of the eight official beaches, only one had surveillance during this bathing season. “None of them has a bar with toilet facilities.”

It considers that “a big bet”, with private investment, “to dignify naturist beaches” in Portugal, would represent a value in terms of tourism.

For the leader, Portugal is a naturist destination of excellence, for the climate and the coastline that it has: “It lacks its leaders to realize this enormous potential.”

The federation defends “a naturism of family practice”, encompassing several generations. “Our partners are from eight months to 88 years old,” he said, noting that during the teenage years there is a departure from the youth.

“This reality is transversal to all countries and I think it is directly related to the discovery of the body, sexuality and the need for acceptance by society and the group of friends,” he explained.

Interest in practice has grown and Portugal is no exception, he said.

The International Naturist Federation, which this week organizes the World Congress, in Costa da Caparica, brings together representatives from 31 countries, represented by federations, and eight official representatives from states where these structures are not yet established. “It is estimated that its members, worldwide, are more than 450,000 naturists.”

In the definition of Filipa Gouveia, being naturist is “trying to have a more natural life, where simplicity and respect for one’s own, for others, and nature prevails.”

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  1. The problem in Portugal is, that there are no signs at the official naturist beaches. Other tourists and many portuguese people do not respect naturist beaches. Even in Odeceixe there was one day 100% naturist at the naturist beach. (There is even a sign before going down the stairs) but still a 7 head French family went exactly to that beach and spreading their belongings in the center of the beach, wearing bathing suites and even full cloth, watching the naked people around. When others went to them to mention that its a naturist beach, they just ignored and even became aggressive. More even: on most of the “naturist” (in real: mixed-) beaches are sitting portuguese men hoping to see attractive nude ladies.
    So.. for us and for families Portugal is not a naturist place at all. But it could be if the responsible persons take more care for.

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