Portuguese Film Festival starts Friday in Cape Verde

The Itinerant Portuguese Language Film Festival – FESTin starts Friday at the Portuguese Cultural Center, in the city of Praia, with films from Portuguese-speaking countries, children’s programming and a production workshop.

This Portuguese-language film festival runs until next Thursday and will feature films from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe.

The first movie to be screened is Betinho de Paula (Brazil).

On Saturday, the film ‘Acalanto’ by Arturo Sáboia (Brazil / Mozambique) will be shown.

On the same day, children’s programming features “The Adventures of Red Plane” by Frederico Pinto and José Maia (Brazil), “Acalanto” by Arturo Sáboia (Brazil / Mozambique) and Humberto Delgado – , by José Jorge Letria and Jaime Serôdio (Portugal).

For Sunday, Nilton Medeiros’s ‘Servants of Memories to Identity’ is scheduled to appear.

From the children’s program, Rodrigo Gavo (Brazil), Gustavo Teixeira’s “Medic de Monstro” (Brazil), “The First Flute” by Simon Brethé and Ricardo Poeira (Brazil) Irmãos Saudos’ by Nicholas Paim and Clauder Marros (Brazil).

‘How the Stars Appeared’, by Renato Barbieri and Adriana Meirelles (Brazil), ‘The End of Fila’ by William Côgo (Brazil), ‘Brinquedo Novo’ by Rogério Boechat (Brazil) and ‘Iemanjá’ by Renato Barbieri and Adriana Meirelles (Brazil), are also scheduled for that day.

On Monday, the film ‘Grandfather Crocodile’ by Francisco Rosas (Portugal / Timor-Leste) will be shown, and for the younger ones, ‘Diário de Areia’ by Isadora Morales Chaves and Sarah Carvalho Guedes.

Hamilton Trindade’s “Long Dream of Ecuador” (Portugal / Guinea-Bissau) will be shown on Tuesday.

On that day, children’s programming is composed of ‘Somewhere’, by Inês de Sá Frias and Leandro Martins (Portugal), ‘Órion’ by Rodriane DL (Brazil), ‘Próxima’ by Luiza Campos (Brazil) The Pestinhas and the Toy Thief ‘by Nildo Essá and Lili – Halima Essá (Mozambique).

On Wednesday, “Kalunga” by Bernardo Gramaxo (Portugal / Angola) will appear, and in the children’s session, “Minhocas” by Paolo Conti and Arthur Nunes (Brazil).

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