Portuguese Government prepares maritime link Madeira-Mainland

The Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, announced today that she is working with the Ministry of Finance to prepare a decree on territorial continuity by sea linking this region to the continent.

“I am, together with the Ministry of Finance, to analyze the form and the terms that we are going to sign in an ordinance that regulates what concerns to the territorial continuity by sea“, declared the minister, speaking during the II convention of the States General of the PS of Madeira, integrated in the project “For the Madeira Yes to the Future“, that will be in this second edition the theme ‘Blue Economy’

She pointed out that territorial continuity does not only mean a maritime connection by ferry between Madeira and Portimão, as is currently the case during the summer months, which is why this project is seen “in a sustainable manner, with a correct legal framework and sustainable solutions from the point economic view and demand “.

He pointed out that, in 2015, a bill was drawn up that contemplated territorial continuity by air and sea, “but it was only regulated for the airway and it is as if it did not exist” for the sea route.

She emphasized that the Government is trying to solve the problem, which “studies routes” between Madeira and the mainland and to assess “the issue of financial sustainability“, in particular, the issue of subsidies.

There must be here, not a posture required by the Regional Government, but collaboration, bearing in mind that territorial continuity is a good thing for all Portuguese“, and the subject must be treated in an “inclusive logic

He also argued that “there are differences between modes of transportation” in terms of the international legal framework, so the Government is “studying a package seriously.”

Ana Paula Vitorino stressed that she had already given “guidelines to the Port of Lisbon administration to study a location within this port” for the installation of a ramp to access the vehicles, “because without ramp it is not possible” to realize this connection.

The idea, said the minister, is that this infrastructure is integrated into Campus do Mar, a project that the minister will announce on the 30th of this month.

She also pointed out that in the process of implementing the “single logistics window” project, which aims at administrative modernization in the field of the sea, the Madeiran port of Caniçal [east of Madeira] was chosen as pilot infrastructure “to make the first implementation which will be completed by the end of the first quarter.

The governor also announced that she met on Friday in Funchal with the economic group that manages the ports of Madeira [the Sousa group] and a group of stevedores, and it was possible to reach an agreement, the reason why ” warning of the strike will not affect the port of Caniçal “.

The minister stressed that 97% of the national territory is maritime, being “our design the sustainable use of the sea.

We are a maritime country and we have to affirm ourselves as such. We have more responsibilities, but also more possibilities,” he said, stating that “Portugal has to speak with one voice in these matters at the level of the European Union and the United Nations“.

The minister spoke of the “package of measures” adopted by the Government of the Republic, stating that the “International Ship Registry of Madeira is a pride“.

The minister referred to the importance of approval in the Council of Ministers a proposal to create the regime of ships with a Portuguese flag when crossing danger zone may be able to hire security teams.

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