Portuguese increasingly choose to buy only online

In an atypical year, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Portuguese consumers remain interested in taking advantage of the Black Friday campaign, but with a major change in the purchase channel: the trend will be fewer customers in stores and greater affluence in the channel online.

This is one of the main conclusions of the study carried out in late September, in partnership with Netsonda, on the Black Friday campaign.

According to this study, 36% of Portuguese consumers intend to make their Black Friday purchases using only the online channel, an increase of 22 percentage points compared to 2019 (14%). In the opposite direction, this year, the intention to buy only in stores is 12%, a decrease of 11 percentage points compared to last year (23%).

“The context of the pandemic has greatly accelerated online consumption, breaking barriers in the purchasing habits of thousands of Portuguese. We believe that this trend is here to stay and proof of that is the fact that, during the next Black Friday, almost 40% of Portuguese people admit to buying exclusively online. As Worten is the Portuguese top of mind brand for this campaign, we are counting on a significant increase in sales on, throughout the month of November. In fact, this year, the big change is that we are on campaign throughout the month, so that peaks of affluence are avoided and visits and purchases can be made with time and in complete safety in our nearly 200 stores and on the website”, says Inês Drummond Borges, Marketing Director at Worten.

According to this study by Netsonda, Worten continues to be the brand that the Portuguese most associate with Black Friday: 77% identify the brand as the emblem, par excellence, of this promotional campaign inherited from the United States of America, and close to half of respondents (48% compared to 44% in 2019) recalls Worten in top of mind.

Despite the widespread uncertainty inherent in the pandemic, 84% of respondents maintain the expectation of being able to take advantage of this promotional period, planning to spend, this year, on average, €321.61, an increase of €17 compared to 2019. Men continue to be those who intend to spend more on purchases on Black Friday, with 87% of respondents admitting to buying for themselves.

This year, the most sought after products on Black Friday continue to be technological (55%), with the greatest impact on men (62%), followed by fashion products and accessories (49%), an option most sought after by gender. female (61%).

The third place in the ranking, in terms of the typology of products that the Portuguese are considering buying this year, on Black Friday, are home appliances (36%).

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