Portuguese insecure with DGS control

The Portuguese are not at all comfortable with the control of the measures imposed by the DGS for the new normality after the outbreak of COVID-19 and a survey by Fixando with 16,000 people between 25 and 31 May, points out 4 places where the fear is greatest : restaurants, socializing with friends at home, beaches and public transport.

In the case of restaurants, it is concluded that 65% do not feel safe to visit these spaces, mainly because the risk of contagion is very high (47%), safety standards may not be being met (34%) or because it is not possible to maintain the distance (30%).

In socializing with friends / family in private places, 51% say they do not feel safe, justifying that they can be infected (56%) and that distances are difficult to maintain (44%).

In the case of beaches, the survey results say that 52% of the Portuguese feel safe, but the 48% of the insecure fear for the lack of control (49%) and non-compliance with standards (43%).

The 84% of Portuguese who use public transport understand that it is unsafe to do so because it is also very difficult: maintaining distances (55%), frequent cleaning (31%), avoiding overcrowding (28%).

Fixando also reveals that only 38% of Portuguese leave home daily but to work (45%) or to buy essential goods (62%), of which 37% use online.

When asked about the budget available to go to lunch / dinner, respondents dictated that they now have less € 23 / month (€ 276 / year) to spend on restaurants, when before the pandemic the monthly average was € 59 and now that average I move to € 35.

As for the availability of essential goods, it was also learned that the Portuguese now have € 7 less monthly (€84/year).

What some respondents say about the new normality:

“Each individual is responsible for their decisions. Rules imposed on paper almost always do not have full applicability when put into practice. This is what is happening with the lack of definition.

“It is good for the economy but for health it is still worrying.

“Right now I think there should never have been confinement. There should be more control and restrictions on the number of people in public spaces. This is far from over, but” Zé Povinho “thinks that everything is fine and that he can do whatever he wants , without calculating risks. You can see by the numbers … the deflation has started and the number of cases continues to increase! ”

“It came too soon because the contagion phase is far from being controlled and we can see that some of the most critical areas are now”

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