Portuguese institute receives software patent in the USA

To coordinate the development of the contact tracking application in Portugal, the Institute of Systems and Computers Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) sees for the first time a software patent in the United States of America. The “feat” is related to the technology used in the cryptocurrency “mobile wallet” developed by the Keyruptive spin-off.

Keyruptive is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows access and management of funds, maintaining a level of security comparable to that of hardware devices.

Supported by the technology that constitutes the patent, the portfolio provides users with information and control over the funds.

The patent comes at a time when patent applications in Portugal registered a record in 2019, with medical technology leading the list.

INESC TEC is among the organizations that made the most requests to the European Patent Office, with seven requests. Novadelta-Comércio e Industria de Cafés and the University of Évora were the ones that filed the largest number of patent applications with the IEP in 2019, both with 16 patent applications.

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