Portuguese islands among the 100 must visit

There are 100 islands ‘under the radar’ of The Business Insider that every type of person should visit at least once in a lifetime. In the Portuguese scope, there are more than ten that must know, since the US news site refers to the Azores and Madeira archipelagos in its list. It was last Friday that the list of islands not to be missed was presented, with a hundred destinations sharing the sand and crystal clear waters.

In Azorean lands, lies the essential for an adventure of nature in nature, says the publication. “The remote archipelago will be able to take classes in various water sports such as canoeing or surfing. Combined with the taste of Portuguese food and some beaches to relax in, this is a destination so special that it becomes the most visited place in Europe”

In Madeira, a suggestion is made in lava pools and food markets. Also in the Madeiran destination, less than two hours by plane from Lisbon, can be done on adventure with mountaineering or learning to sail. Finally, the archipelago excels at ever higher temperatures, where many are not in Europe, barely land on the islands.

The list of opinion of the varied journalist and travel bloggers with Business Insider works.

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