Portuguese Josefinas Campaign is one of the best in the world

Josefinas’ ‘You Can Leave – Collections’ was ranked by AdForum as one of the world’s top five campaigns of the week.

‘You Can Leave – Collections’ – Josefinas solidarity t-shirts, which support women victims of domestic violence through the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) – was honored by AdForum France as one of the five best campaigns in the world this week, assuming himself as the only Portuguese representative in the national team. ‘You Can Leave – Collections’ is signed by Portugal’s most awarded creative duo, Marcelo Lourenço and Pedro Bexiga.



Launched last February 11 and already able to help almost 70 women victims of domestic violence in Portugal, Josefinas’ line of solidarity t-shirts was considered by the AdForum team of editors, a digital space dedicated to the discovery and highlight of best ad campaigns, as one of the world’s top five campaigns of the week. Josefinas is the only Portuguese brand in the TOP 5 of the week of AdForum France, sharing the podium with Hennessy, Heinz, FFRE and Nikon.



‘You Can Leave – Collections’ has also been awarded the label of ‘Best Social & Environmental Campaigns’ which, through the language and iconography of the fashion world, illustrates, on t-shirts , the excuses most used by victims to explain to their families and friends their bruises and bruises: “I fell down the stairs,” “I went against a closet,” “I went against a wall.” For each t-shirt sold, a woman victim of domestic violence is supported by the APAV, and the amount is destined to the shelters of the institution.

“Domestic violence is a frightening reality, present in the lives of thousands of women and steals the lives of so many others. When we launched the ‘You Can Leave – Collections’ t-shirt edition last January, between January and February 2019, there were already 10 victims of domestic violence in Portugal. A week later, the number of victims has risen to 11. We can not continue to turn a blind eye and pretend that this is a problem between couples; this is a problem for all of us! “defends the representative of Josefinas, Maria Cunha.



Featured on the international sites Ads of the World, Best Ads on TV and Latin Spots, ‘You Can Leave – Collections’ is the result of the collaboration between Josefinas and Marcelo Lourenço and Pedro Bexiga, Portugal’s most awarded creative duo, Lion Holders of Gold, and now founders of the newly created agency ‘Coming Soon’.

‘You Can Leave – Collections’ is available exclusively at Josefinas’ online store 79 €. In addition to t-shirts, ‘You Can Leave’ features three-line solidity sneakers and laces.

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