Portuguese leading International Astronomical Union receives award

Astronomer Teresa Lago, who took over the leadership of the International Astronomical Union in August, was honoured with the Montepio 2018 Science Live Grand Prize, one of the entities promoting the award announced today.

Biology professor Filipe Ressurreição from Arouca’s school group and Edgar Canelas from Antena 1 were distinguished respectively by the Montepio Educação Viva Science Award and the Montepio Media Living Science Award.

The Ciência Viva Montepio awards are awarded annually by Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture and by the Montepio mutualist association, distinguishing “personalities and institutions that stand out for their exceptional merit in promoting scientific culture in Portugal.”

The awards will be delivered in Coimbra on November 24, when the National Day of Scientific Culture is marked.

Teresa Lago was awarded for her “remarkable action in promoting scientific culture as a teacher, researcher, author and disseminator in the field of astronomy,” said Ciência Viva in a statement.

Filipe Ressurreição was distinguished by the creation of the “Workshop of science” in the Arouca school group and by the “innovative models of teaching and learning of the sciences”, which translate into “a multidisciplinary program of initiation to scientific research and promotion of contact with the school community” with scientists. ”

Edgar Canelas will receive the Montepio Media Living Science Award due to “regular coverage of current scientific topics”, namely in the weekly magazine “Days of the Future”, broadcast 11 years ago on Antena 1 radio.

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