Portuguese music with ‘Ouro, Incenso e Birra’ in various spaces of Lisbon

The Day of Kings, which is marked today, is celebrated on Saturday with ‘Ouro, Incenso e Birra’, an initiative that includes performances by various Portuguese artists and bands, in the Marvila district of Lisbon.

‘Ouro, Incenso e Birra’, whose first edition took place in 2017, will “transform the axis between the streets of Sugar, Captain Leitão and Pereira Henriques on stage for a showcases circuit featuring some of the most interesting names in the new song. “says the organization in a statement announcing the full poster of the initiative.

This year there will be concerts by Catarinha Munhá, Luís Severo, PZ, Éme, Afonso Cabral, Marino, Joana Espadinha, Pirate Cassette, The Plexus, Boy Ego and Esteves.

The poster also includes DJ sets by Brandos Costumes, Benjamim, Bruno Pernadas and João Vaz Silva, and by Joaquim Quadros.

Admittedly, the initiative is divided between Coffee with Calm, Two Crows, Modern Factory, Factory Musa, Lynx and Royal Rawness.

As in previous editions, “part of the party’s proceeds will be donated to a local charity.”

“This year the choice fell on the Capoeira Beija-Flor Group, a collective that works on counseling and accompanying children and young people on the verge of marginalization,” said the organization.

The ‘Gold, Incense and Birra’ begins at 1 pm at Fábrica Musa, with a king’s lunch with cook Pedro Monteiro. The same venue will host the performances of Marinho (5:15 pm), Joana Espadinha (8:45 pm), Cassete Pirata (10:30 pm) and the DJ set by Benjamim Bruno Pernadas and João Vaz Silva (11:45 pm).

At Café com Calma, where Catarina Munhá (5:45 pm) operates, there will be a special brunch and dinner of Reis on that day.

Dois Corvos will be the scene of the performances of Luís Severo (18h30), PZ (20h00) and DJ set Brandos Costumes (22h00), and the Modern Factory of those of Éme (16:45) and Afonso Cabral (19h15).

In the Lynx, they perform The Plexus (18h00), Boy Ego (21h30) and Joaquim Quadros, in DJ set (23h00). Royal Rawness welcomes Esteves (4 pm).

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