Portuguese musicians gather in solidarity afternoon for Mozambique

Selma Uamusse, B. Facade, Gisela João, Lula Pena, and Ricardo Toscano are among the many musicians who will be on Sunday at the ZDB cultural association in Lisbon to support the Mozambican population reached a week ago by Cyclone Idai.

The solidarity initiative will take place on Sunday afternoon on the terrace of the ZDB, and aims to raise funds and donations that will be delivered to the United Group by Beira, whose work “has shown to be significant in minimizing the effects of the catastrophe,” said the cultural association.

Among the about 60 musicians and visual artists associated with the afternoon of solidarity are Wasted Rita, Alice Geirinhas, Hugo Canoilas, António Poppe, Igor Jesus, Xavier Almeida, Joana Hintze, Filipe Sambado, Jasmine, First Lady and Ricardo Toscano with Pedro Sousa and Gabriel Ferrandini.

“This Sunday afternoon, we share music and snacks on the terrace, in a gesture of solidarity with concerts, DJ sets, and works of artists and whose profit will revert in full to the assistance of the Mozambican population,” ZDB said.

Cyclone Idai, which passed on 14 southwest of the African continent, caused at least 557 deaths, of which 242 were in Mozambique, 259 in Zimbabwe and 56 in Malawi, a provisional balance.

At least 2.8 million people have been affected in these three countries, and the submerged area in Mozambique is about 1,300 square kilometers, according to estimates by international organizations.

The Mozambican city of Beira was one of the most affected and the UN has warned of the existence of 400,000 displaced people, who need urgent help, valued at more than 35 million euros.

More than a week after the storm, thousands of people are still waiting for relief in areas hit by winds over 170 kilometers per hour, heavy rains and floods that have left a trail of destruction in towns, villages and agricultural fields.

Portugal is one of the countries that sent technicians and aid to Mozambique, with two Air Force C-130 planes en route to Beira and a third, a chartered commercial aircraft, scheduled to start today, followed by another flight on Monday, chartered by the Portuguese Red Cross.

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