Portuguese oils sought by Europeans, Americans and Asians

Portuguese olive oils have attracted the attention of businessmen from Europe, America and the Middle East, for innovation, diversity and tradition, on the first day of the SIAL Paris fair, which the national companies evaluate as “quite positive”.

Extra virgin, premium, organic, with gold or paste are some of the olive oil options offered by Portuguese companies at the fair of the agri-food sector that began today and runs until Thursday in the French capital.

“It’s worth it only in a month or two we’ll know,” said the person in charge of Casa Aragão, one of the brands in the event, Artur Aragão.

According to the businessman, who is in SIAL Paris for the first time, through PortugalFoods, the olive oil powder has caused some “strangeness” to the customers, which has motivated several issues, as well as oil with gold, mainly by the conjugation and the ‘design’ of the bottle.

Until the stand of Casa Aragão have been addressed mainly European customers, but also American, Japanese and Chinese.

In turn, Porttable, a company that produces olive oil, olives and derivatives, has come from customers in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Despite being a newcomer at the event, the company’s manager, Miguel Massa, assured that Porttable is trying to internationalize itself, making part of the strategy the presence in SIAL.

“SIAL is considered by us as one of the best fairs in the world. For the first day, and being a Sunday, it is being very positive,” he said.

To distinguish itself from the other companies present at the event, Porttable chose to invest in the image of the products, without neglecting the quality.

“We have a lot of competition – Spain for quantity and Italy for the country brand – we have to differentiate ourselves by the image. The bet has to be on a quality product with an attractive image so that, in doubt, between an Italian or a Portuguese, [the client] give Portuguese a chance, “he said.

Bruno Alcaire, of the Maçarico, is against the defendant by the other two businessmen, saying that the first day at the SIAL Paris fair has made possible business opportunities.

However, to the stand of the Maçarico have come specially, customers outside Europe, with emphasis on Latin America and the Middle East.

“This type of event is a showcase world and only then the range of possibilities is very large,” he noted.

Although products such as oxidized olives and extra-virgin olive oil were highlighted on this first day, Bruno Alcaire guarantees that the expectation remains high for the coming days of SIAL Paris, which are expected to be the “strongest” the visit of international clients.

Casa Aragão, Porttable and Maçarico are three of the more than 70 Portuguese companies present, through the association PortugalFoods, in the event where the total number of visitors should exceed 150 thousand.

In addition to these, Portuguese companies such as Novarroz, Amendouro, Fresbeira, Ramirez, Frueat and Mirazeite are part of the Portuguese delegation.

During the morning and early afternoon, the Portuguese stand was visited by the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food, Luís Medeiros Vieira.

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