Portuguese on the podium of the World Championship of Hall Dances

The dancers Sérgio Lourenço and Cátia Cerqueira won this weekend the bronze medal of the World Championship of Salon Dances, being in history as the first Portuguese pair to take the podium in international federation competitions.

In the service of the national team and the Portuguese Federation of Sports Dance, the dancers reached the 3rd place of the World Championship of Professional Masterclass Latinas, which took place in the city of Bertrange, Luxembourg.

Nationally they represent the Recreational and Sports Club of Miratejo, where they are teachers of ballroom dancing, having already formed some of the best national pairs of the present time.

This year they became national champions in Latin dances, they also ranked first in the national championship in the category of “10 Dances”, having also received the prize of runners-up in the category Standard.

Last year, Sérgio Lourenço and Cátia Cerqueira also rose several times to the podium: They were winners of the national circuit Latinas; national champions – Latinas; national runners-up – Standard; national champions 10 Dances, in the Standard and Latin modalities and winners of the Portuguese Cup –Standard.

Last year, in representation of the national team, the dancers participated in two European championships, in the World Cup and in four world championships.

Sérgio Lourenço is a certified teacher of The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), with Associate’s degree in Standard and Latinas and Dancer certified by the United Kingdom Alliance (U.K.A.).

Cátia Cerqueira holds a master’s degree in medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a specialist in general and family medicine, as well as a dancer certified by United Kingdom Allience (U.K.A.).

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