Portuguese passport is the sixth most powerful in the world

Portugal falls one position in relation to the last ranking of 2018.

The Portuguese passport is the sixth most powerful of 2019, which means that citizens who have it can freely enter 185 countries of the globe.

At the head of Portugal, that is, with broader passports is, for example, Japan, the country that occupies the first position, and Japanese citizens can travel, without a visa, to 190 states.

South Korea and France respectively rank second and third in this ranking periodically updated by the Henley Passport Index.

In the same second position of South Korea is Singapore. And the German passport is as strong as the French, also occupying the third place.

Still ahead of Portugal are Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Spain. With this sixth place in the ranking, Portugal falls a position against the ranking of 2018.

On the other side of the ranking are Iraq and Afghanistan, whose passports only allow travel to 30 countries, Syria and Somalia (with 32). Citizens of Pakistan can travel without visa to 33 countries.

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