Portuguese pedals 1,000 kilometers from Dublin to Portugal for Greenpeace

Nurse Ana Santos, who has been living in Dublin, Ireland for two years, will use her return trip to Portugal as a way of raising awareness of climate change by cycling 1,000 miles through Greenpeace.

After making many plane trips between Ireland and Portugal, the returning nurse decided that the last trip between the two countries would be made eco-friendly by using the ferry, trains and her bicycle.

“The idea was to know another culture, another country and reduce the ecological footprint, but among friends came the option to raise awareness,” said Ana Santos.

Being planning to make part of the trip, about a thousand kilometers by bicycle, the nurse decided to raise one euro for each kilometer and donate the money to Greenpeace. The collection is open to anyone who wants to participate.

The trip begins on Thursday, when the nurse will take a ferry between Dublin and Cherbourg in France, where she will start the bike route to Hendaye, also in France.

From Hendaye to Porto, where she is a native, Ana Santos plans to travel by train and expects to arrive between 22 and 24 August.

Interest in the environment arose after creating, “in partnership with a colleague in psychology,” the “Seed” project, an initiative focused on healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

A taste for the environment created the urge to “want to try other things” and took her to Dublin, where she took a course in Nutrition and Health.

“On this trip, I look forward to meeting people, initiatives and organizations committed to contributing to sustainable practices for environmental, social and economic well-being,” reads the travel fundraising page.

So far Ana Santos has raised 571 euros.

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