Portuguese Photography Center opens two exhibitions in Porto

The Portuguese Center for Photography (CPF), in Porto, opens this week two exhibitions, one by Russian photojournalist Alexey Belyanchev and another of concert photos by Spanish Javier Bragado.

“This wonderful, restless and astonishing world”, which for the first time brings together this set of Belyanchev photographs in an exhibition, will open on Thursday, followed by “Live & Loud 2.0: 10 Years of Rock & Roll” on Saturday. .

The Russian exhibition, which runs until November 24, shows in Porto works carried out from “military conflict zones” such as Palestine, Kosovo or Chechnya to meetings with “leaders of different countries and world stars of business, culture and sport”.

The photojournalist’s exhibition, which collaborated with newspapers such as Culture, El País, Le Monde or the Associated Press, Reuters or France Presse, will later give rise to a book, “Or so …”.

Currently deputy director of the Russian newspaper Evening Moscow, Belyanchev has in his resume works with Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first president, but also at the meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow.

For his part, Bragado exhibits photographs taken over 10 years in rock concerts, with bands like AC / DC, Kiss or Airbourne portrayed, in a series that began in 2008.

According to the author, in a note published on the website of the Portuguese Photography Center, it is intended to “overcome the barriers of the immediate”. “We need to be able to create icons that last over time, as Leibovits did with the Rolling Stones, or Jim Marshall with the Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix,” it reads.

The show will run until February 23, 2020 and combines “the defining moment of communion between the spectator and the musician but also trying to convey the emotion of a song in a concert”.

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