Portuguese Rheumatology at the top of international scientific research

More than one hundred articles published this year by rheumatologists in national and international journals with a high impact factor.

In the context of the World Science Day, the announcement is made by the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology that aims to enhance the work of specialists that goes far beyond the excellent care activity it provides to its patients.

Portugal has about 200 rheumatologists. Only in 2018, 108 scientific articles were published which reflects that the vast majority of these specialists are dedicated to scientific research beyond their clinical activity. Other rheumatologists also collaborate in several national and international trials and clinical studies.

Luís Cunha Miranda, President of SPR, stresses that “the results of these publications reflect excellent works produced in rheumatology and it is incumbent upon the SPR to praise the dedication of the specialists as well as to continue to support their work” and further adds that “Portuguese rheumatologists have a strong research component, expressed by a large number of publications carried out in indexed foreign journals of high prestige, as well as scientific presentations at international meetings and congresses that place Portuguese rheumatology at the top of scientific research. ”

About the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology

The Portuguese Society of Rheumatology (SPR), founded in 1972, is a scientific organization whose objective is to promote the development of rheumatology at the service of the health of the Portuguese population. Its purpose is to promote knowledge of rheumatic diseases, favouring medical training, as well as the development of studies and research projects in Rheumatology. SPR also assumes itself as a documentation centre intended for professionals, through the publication and publication of specialized medical scientific information, and the general public, through its website. In addition, it cooperates with patient associations and plans education for the population. Currently, it represents 200 professionals, with which it collaborates in the defence of the title of Rheumatologist and the good name of the speciality.

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