Portuguese Sheriff in New Jersey continues the American family dream

The Nov. 6 elections in the United States gave the Portuguese immigrant Armando Fontoura the tenth consecutive term as Sheriff of Essex County, made up of 22 counties in the US state of New Jersey.

An immigrant in the United States for 64 years, Armando Fontoura has been a sheriff since 1991 and guaranteed continuity until 2021 in the largest state department of this authority.

Aware of the region’s political dynamics, he said that the last elections had more participation than ever – a total of 200,000 local votes – because of all that was at stake: Democratic or Republican majority and Trump administration view.

“The elections, the more we do, the easier they get,” he said, considering he leaves a mark on each three-year term.

“If we do a good job, the people recognize what we are doing,” the sheriff told, which he said was the first susceptible elected by the community in the state.

The sheriff is the head of several authority and security agencies, with a total of about 400 officials in 22 counties.

As a representative of the population of the county, Armando Fontoura recalled the meetings with several presidents of the United States between the most memorable moments of his career.

An example was when he joined the White House Anti-Crime Strategic Council at the invitation of Bill Clinton.

Armando Fontoura’s career began by the police more than 50 years ago, after attending the Academy and the FBI Institute, since the “noble profession” of teacher left him desirous of more action.

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