Portuguese students feel insecure about returning to school

The fear of returning to school is impacting the lives of Portuguese families due to possible contagion by covid-19, as revealed by a study by Fixando, in which 43.1% observe that children and young people are insecure with face-to-face classes, and 42.3% consider that teachers and educational assistants are hesitant about returning to schools.

The survey was conducted with 800 families, and also informs that 37.3% disagree with the return to school, but only 5% say that, for now, the children will not return to face-to-face education.

When questioned about the alternatives they consider for this school year, 42% of parents consider opting for distance learning, 26% say they are looking for a tutor, 24% would use the telescope if it was available, while 8% estimated the exchange of children to a private college.

With regard to extracurricular activities, 31% say they will not enroll their children in any activity, followed by those who will choose outdoor sports (33%), ATL and OTL (18%) and music classes ( 15%).

The survey of the largest national platform for contracting local services was carried out between August 31 and September 6, and recalls that in the past academic year, due to confinement, 36.4% of families turned to explainers to compensate for the interruption of face-to-face classes, and 57% of teachers and families surveyed in a study previously conducted in June 2020, considered confinement detrimental to student performance.

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