Portuguese surfer Vasco Ribeiro second in Pro Anglet

The Portuguese surfer Vasco Ribeiro was second in Pro Anglet, a test of the world qualifying circuit in France after losing the final against Frenchman Gatien Delahaye, obtaining the best result so far this season.

In Southwest France, the 23-year-old national champion was unable to beat the surfer, bringing a total of 15.10 (7.77 and 7.33), not enough for the 16.43 (7.83 and 8, 60) of Delahaye, who secured his first victory in the circuit.

However, in spite of the defeat, it has so far been the best result of the current 32nd place finisher of the season qualifying circuit, which translates into 1,125 important points for the first 10 of the standings, direct in the main division of the World surfing.

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