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Portuguese Symphonic Band | Porto

Sunday 12:00
  Suggia Room

Portuguese Symphonic Band
Douglas Bostock musical direction

Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 53, “Star Dawn”
Isao Matsushita Tenku-no Inori (Prayer of the Firmament)
David Bedford Sun Paints Rainbows on the Vast Waves
Nigel Clarke Earthrise
Inspired by the final part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, which represents the ascent to Paradise, Hovhaness’s Symphony No. 53 traces the journey of humans into space in search of a new world. Also space-related, Nigel Clarke’s Earthrise is inspired by one of the most iconic photographs in history, where one sees the Earth appear on the horizon from the Moon. Among these works, BSP presents Isao Matsushita’s prayer for the victims of the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

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