Portuguese can save around 176 thousand euros in 2021 in telecommunications services

Portuguese savings in telecommunications in 2021 may amount to 176 thousand euros if they review their telecommunications services and select the most economical similar offers that the market currently offers, reveals a study by Payper, the online electricity, gas, and telecommunications invoice manager.

In the case of telecommunications packages that include fixed internet, television and fixed telephone (‘triple play’) and fixed internet, television, fixed telephone, and mobile phone (‘quadruple play’), which are very popular in Portugal and made available by the four main Portuguese operators ( NOS, MEO, Vodafone and NOWO), there are very similar offers, but with wide variation in prices depending on the telecommunications operator.

According to the Payper study, the ‘triple play’ base packages made available throughout 2020 are quite similar, including in general fixed internet with bandwidths from 30 Mbps and 100 to 120 television channels.

The similarity between the ‘triple play’ packages of some of the operators was reflected in practically identical monthly fees throughout 2020, starting at € 31 / month with a 24-month loyalty period. When this service includes at least one mobile phone (‘quadruple play’), it usually cost more than € 51.99 / month.

The values ​​indicated, the company stresses, vary depending on the number of channels, Internet speed, and GBs allocated to the mobile service, but if a consumer is paying monthly above these amounts, he probably has an old contract and should inform himself about current offers operators to select the best option.

By identical services of fixed internet, television, and fixed telephone (‘triple play’) or fixed internet, television, fixed telephone and mobile phone (‘quadruple play’), analyzing the market in January 2021, at least for 500,000 households, there are offers with monthly payments from € 18.75 / month and € 22.5 / month, respectively (average monthly fee charged during 24 months of the contract), allowing annual savings of € 146 and € 346 compared to average monthly fees charged in 2020 above.

“The difficulty in choosing the most appropriate and economical services, in most cases, is due to the diversity of offer and the deliberate complexity of the campaigns promoted by the operators: with variable monthly fees throughout the contract, attractive promotional discounts, additional fees, installation costs indexed to loyalty… and, therefore, we provide a simple list of all offers on the market, with an indication of the average monthly fee considering the entire required loyalty period”, explains Pedro Branco, data analyst at Payper.

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