POSTER shows photographers, designers, illustrators, chefs and musicians on the walls of Marvila

POSTER MOSTRA, the department’s project that spreads art through the streets of Marvila, is again curator of an open-air public gallery. The POSTER SHOW takes place between the days between June 22 and July 22 and now reveals all participants of this fourth edition in Lisbon.

In partnership with the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Chiado, POSTER confirms the presence of a work by Helena Almeida, one of the most important Portuguese plastic artists, who died last year. This work accompanies the conceptual matrix that is the artist’s mark, around the self-portrait and the brushstrokes of blue.

Another acclaimed artist is the Italian Luigi Spina, who develops textures, materials and nostalgic memory through photography, capturing the progressive destruction of monuments and sculptures. Luigi Spina is currently on display at the Capitoline Museum, Rome. Still, from Italy, Maria Vittoria Trovato is the photographer who was recently in focus after completing an essay on oil rigs and cargo ships. In the photograph, the German Gold Horde Friedrichs, winner of the Gold Lead prize for best documentary photography, currently based in London, where he developed a series dedicated to the MOD culture and the Alfaites of Savile Row.

In this issue of POSTER is present a name that is indissociable from the current discussion of inclusion in art: Guerrilla Girls. Artists and feminist activists work anonymously and have taken the issues of discrimination in culture to the major cultural institutions and have exhibited recent works at Tate Modern in London or at the São Paulo Museum of Art.

After the participation of Dead Combo and Surma in the previous edition of POSTER, Portuguese musicians are once again amazed by the versatility of creating visual art. David Fonseca, a musician with more than 20 years of his career, from the days of Silence 4 to the last “Radio Gemini” in his own name, demonstrates the same aptitude for the visual arts that he has already used in his own video clips and in photographic exhibitions. Polaroid photo collection (“Right Here, Right”). The other musician present is Hélio Morais, an inescapable name of Portuguese independent music, and drummer of bands Linda Martini and Paus.

The other unlikely participations are two chefs inseparable from the last years of gastronomic revolution in Lisbon. Chef Diogo Noronha, responsible for the restaurant Pesca, and with recent passage through the House of Pasto and the Winemaking in Cais do Sodré, and in Rio Maravilha, in the Lx Factory. The second Chef is Jos *, pseudonym of the Mexican Jose Fernando Rodriguez Garrido, who arrived in Lisbon by the Embassy of Mexico and stayed at the restaurant Pistola & Corazon. Jos * presents himself in collaboration with the Manicomio social innovation project, and in a previous issue of POSTER Cláudia R. Sampaio was present today, one of the main members since a project that intends to legitimize Portuguese artists with mental illnesses.

Marusa Stibelj is the Slovenian illustrator who won the Louvre Salon des Beaux-Arts Illustration Grand Prix and is part of the organization of KAOS, Europe’s largest Illustration Festival.

POSTER also confirms the participation of AkaCorleone (Pedro Campiche), the Portuguese designer Desisto, photographer Arlindo Camacho, illustrator, and designer Bruno Lisboa, designer Frederico Mancellos, illustrator and tattoo artist Espirro, architecture studio Aspa, the photographer of fashion Celso Colaço, and the Angolan writer Ondjaki.

In addition to the guest artists, POSTER reveals the winners of Open Call which ended on May 15 with 128 participants, who will have their work exposed on the same streets as the established artists. The winners are Rui Pinho; Pitanga (Joana Rodrigues); Matilde Cunha; Paulo Picamilho; Fátima Bravo; Gui Athayde; Rui Melo; Studio Saygrrr; Mariana Corda; João Marques.

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