“Postpone us, but don’t cancel us now”, a letter to the Portuguese government.

More than 1600 artists and professionals from the world of entertainment join a movement that aims to appeal to the importance of culture.

In this period of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, the shows, concerts and events were canceled and postponed and with this decision thousands of professionals and artists are indefinite without their job.

“Postpone us, but don’t cancel us now”, (“Adiem-nos, mas não nos cancelem agora”), is a letter made by more than 1600 artists and professionals, addressed to the Government, in which they ask for support measures that ensure the future of culture in Portugal.

These artists and professionals (sound, lighting, stage technicians, stage designers, producers, production assistants, roadies and many others) call for the creation of an emergency fund for the area of ​​culture that ensures the survival and livelihood of thousands of families that are absolutely dependent on the world of entertainment.

Culture was the first to be stopped and will probably be the last to be able to resume its activity. Canceling a country’s culture is canceling its memory, its soul, its identity. Canceling culture is killing hope, it is let the darkness spread and take over. Culture is with us every day. Thousands of families work in the culture every day. Thousands of people who need guarantees to continue doing what they have always done. We exist, we are here and we want to continue to be.
Postpone us, but don’t cancel us now.

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