Praia da Apulia (Apulia Beach) – Places to visit in Apulia

The Misericórdia Church, a building from the mid-16th century, is part of a building complex that also includes the Casa da Misericórdia, whose brotherhood was established in 1595. Inside the Misericordia Church, the Chapel of Senhor dos Mareantes is built. . It is a chapel of exceptional characteristics, classified as a National Monument.

Visit the pillory of Esposende, an interesting example of this symbol of council power, the autonomy of men free from bondage or manly ties.

Not to be missed also the Municipal Museum is housed in a building from the early twentieth century, at the time the Esposende Theater-Club, which came out of the trait of architect Ventura Terra, the Maritime Museum that operates in a building of 1906, which also houses the Station from Relief to Castaways of Esposende or the S. João Baptista Fort that stands near the mouth of the Cávado, on the river and sea threshold. The meeting of the Cávado River as Sea is a spectacle that deserves some time of observation and wonder … The river spreads along the estuary, in a slow curve towards the Atlantic.

The historic hull of Fão village reflects, on the one hand, a time when shipbuilding and discoveries marked the history of our country and, on the other, the taste of Brazilians makes it a return trip to the homeland.

Visit the Church of Bom Jesus de Fão, an early 18th-century building, as its style, typical of pilgrimage sanctuaries and the Renaissance-style mercy church, dates from the late 16th century. Take the moment and go to the Church of Mercy Museum of Sacred Art, right next door.

The Lady of Bonança Facho is a 16th-century building built of stone. It served as a beacon for sailors until new dunes formed between its location and the coast, rendering it useless. But while it worked, it helped many seafarers escape the dangerous “Horse Horses” that stalked any inattentive or inexperienced pilot’s boat from these waters. Next door is the Chapel of Senhora da Bonança where seafarers came to ask for protection from fishing and sea travel.

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