Praia da Apulia (Apulia Beach)

Integrated in the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the Esposende Coastline, Apulia Beach has a huge sandy beach, surrounded by dunes that protect it from the strongest winds, where the old windmills subsist, currently transformed into holiday homes.

Very popular during the summer, this beach has complete support infrastructures and is recommended by doctors themselves for its richness in iodine. The abundance of algae is one of the most striking features and was the origin of one of the most picturesque figures of the north coast – the Apulia Sargaceiro, named after its use for the harvesting of the sargaço (the name given to algae), which was used as fertilizer. in the surrounding agricultural fields.

Wooden walkways that take the swimmers to the sand, facilitate access and as infrastructures, you can count on toilets, catering, rental of colorful stalls, among others.

Old windmills (now converted into holiday homes) emerge from the usual morning fog and are the positive note of a somewhat uncharacteristic urban environment. Colorful fishing boats, spread across the huge sandy beach, are the sign of a still very active work that supplies the restaurants in the area.

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