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Located in the small fishing village of Arrifana, this beach is located in an area of ​​high ecological importance and rare natural beauty, developing on a sandy beach more than half a kilometer long. Protected by high schist cliffs, it forms a kind of small bay, which is why the beach is less hit by the wind and strong waves. At the south top of this beach there is a black and huge vertical rock in the sea, reminiscent of a gigantic statue, here called “Pedra da Agulha”, which has become an icon of the southwest coast.

In the cliffs surrounding the beach, priority habitats are found, such as formations of Cistus palhinhae on maritime heathland, a species of flora with vulnerable threat status and Iberian endemism. These cliffs are also a nesting area for several species of birds, one of the most common species being the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia). In a unique situation in the world, it is here that we find their nests on the sea cliffs or on cliffs along the coast – the palheirões. To the north of the beach, next to the Arrifana Fortress you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the Costa Vicentina.

Further north, at Ponta da Atalaia, famous for its perceptions, there are traces of the largest Muslim Ribat on the Iberian Peninsula, a convent-fortress of great archaeological value. It is considered excellent for water sports such as diving, surfing or bodyboard, being highly sought after for the practice of these last two modalities. The surf season starts as soon as the summer season ends, becoming a paradise for surfers. In the village of Arrifana, which develops along the slope, there are supports such as restaurants and cafes, where it is possible to taste the local cuisine, where the always fresh fish is present, as well as the seafood from this coast, as you appreciate them.

AWARDS: Blue Flag
HOW TO GET THERE: As for Monte Clérigo Beach, follow the signs that you find on the right a few meters after the southern exit of the village of Aljezur. At the end of the climb, turn left to Praia da Arrifana.
GPS COORDINATES: 37 ° 17’39.45 “N 8 ° 51’58.53” W.
ACCESS: Easy (one can be accessed via the ramp and the other via wooden stairs).
INFRASTRUCTURES AND SUPPORT SERVICES: Sanitary facilities; car park before going down to the beach; bar/restaurant; telephone; Waste collection; selective collection.
SURROUNDED BEACH: Yes (during the bathing season).
VICENTINA ROUTE: Aljezur Historical Trail> Arrifana and Arrifana> Carrapateira; consult information at
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