Praia da Figueirinha (Arrábida)

Little Paradise in Setúbal: Figueirinha Beach

Get to know Figueirinha Beach, a beautiful beach located in the Arrábida Natural Park, in Setúbal. It is worth visiting in the summer and is only 50 km from Lisbon. This region is very beautiful, with a very diverse coast, which gives chance to various types of vegetation, ecosystems and landscapes. As it is further south of Lisbon, the weather also gets a little warmer, making it a perfect area for spending the weekend or the summer holidays. The beaches are beautiful and have many services, after all, all are prepared to receive the various tourists who seek them every year.

And if you are planning to travel there, be sure to check out the unmissable tips on how to save a lot in Portugal. These are very good tips that are worthwhile and will save you a lot in all your travel planning and when you’re there. Your trip to Portugal will be cheaper than you thought and you can spend more to make the most of your trip. Now see all about Figueirinha Beach in Portugal.

If you are going on a family holiday, choose Figueirinha Beach – perfect thanks to its great access, size of sand and support structure.

Stretch your towel on this crowded beach and enjoy the shallow waters and the calm swell that characterizes this area. You can also dine on the beach, where you will find cafes and restaurants very close to the beach. Figueirinha Beach received the Blue Flag Award for seven consecutive years, a recognition of the quality of the area’s excellence.

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