Praia da Marinha (Algarve)

Praia da Marinha is one of the most beautiful and emblematic beaches of the entire Portuguese coast and has been distinguished by Praia Dourada since 1998 due to its excellent natural values.

It is surrounded by eroded cliffs of warm tones, generating a variety of rock formations such as arches, caves, caves, natural wells, etc.

The marine diversity also stands out, as it houses anemones, porcupines, starfish, and in the vicinity you can see shrimps, mules, sea breams, marrajos, julias and pejerreyes. In addition, the west coast seagrass field also hides octopuses and squids.

This beach is very much desired by diving lovers, since here you can make a beautiful course through underwater nature.

A huge, smooth staircase gives access to a small cove; advancing to the cliff line, the visitor faces a beach that extends westward. Warm, very fractured and cracked limestone cliffs surround the beach, displaying a remarkable diversity of curious rock patterns: arches, caves, leixões and algar. Also the diversity of marine habitats is noteworthy: rocky environments and seagrass fields are home to colorful sea urchins and anemones, shoals of sea bream and safia, curious octopus and cuttlefish, or delicate seahorses. It is possible to do an underwater course here, accessible by mask and fins or with an autonomous scuba diving. Back on dry land, be seduced by the spring-blooming orchid fields, visible in the immediate vicinity of the cliff-top picnic park, or by a hike along the nature trail that runs along the cliffs between this beach and Vale. Hundreds.

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Note: Due to the possibility of landslides and rock detachment, it is recommended that you maintain a safe distance from the cliffs as well as caution when walking over the cliffs, keeping clear of the cliff edge. Although the beach has a beach use, it is classified as a beach of limited use since a large extension of the beach is inserted in a risk area of ​​collapse.
There is a tarmac road from Lagoa or from the EN 125, turning south next to the Algarve International School and following the signs to the beach. Ample and orderly parking. Support equipment (restaurant and toilet) and surveillance during the bathing season. Orientation: south.
GPS: 37 ° 5’23.67 “N 8 ° 24’42.08” W
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