Praia da Marinha – Facilities

Snorkeling paradise

The sea near Praia da Marina is calm and the water is really clear, almost transparent. This makes it a popular destination for snorkeling, as it is possible to see many different kinds of marine species and fish underwater. So make sure to bring your snorkeling gear to this beach! Unfortunately, there are no shops nearby where you can buy snorkeling gear.

Cliff walk

Most people stay near the parking areas to enjoy the view, which – to be honest – is already great. However, if you want to go one step further, there is walking trail up on the cliffs near Praia da Marinha. You can walk to the west, in the direction of Praia de Benagil. Another option is to walk to the east. There is a beautiful cliff walk from Marinha all the way to Senhora da Rocha. Just follow the walking trail, which lasts for several kilometres and is quite easy. This walk will give you amazing views over the nearby cliffs and beaches and can be highly recommended.

Location and how to get there

Praia da Marinha is located between Armação de Pêra and Carvoeiro. The beach is very near Praia de Benagil, which is another superb beach in the area of Lagoa. In fact, you can walk from Marinha up to Benagil in around 35 minutes.

The easiest way to move around in the Algarve is by car. If you don’t have one, make sure to rent a car. Marinha beach can only be reached by car. It is too far to walk from the town of Lagoa. To get to Marinha Beach, follow the N125 and exit at the International School at Lagoa. From then on you can simply follow the signs. On top of the cliff there usually is enough parking space. If you want to be absolutely sure of a parking spot, make sure to arrive early in the morning.

If you do not have access to a car, there is a bus from Lagoa. However, this bus is not very frequent (it runs twice a day on weekdays only). Another option would be to go by taxi from Lagoa. Just know that this can be a bit expensive (30-40 euros). However, if you choose this option, it would be wise to make an arrangement with the taxi driver to pick you up at a specific time for your return.


When visiting the beach with young children, keep in mind that it can be difficult for them to descend the long stairs to the beach. Some of the steps towards the end are quite steep. This means it is hard, if not impossible, to reach the beach by wheelchair or with a buggy. There is one restaurant on the beach, where you can get refreshing snacks and drinks.

Facilities in Praia da Marinha:

Bar/club: no
Blue flag beach: no
Lifeguards: no
Parking: yes
Restaurant: yes
Shower: no
Sunbeds: no
Toilet: yes
Water sports: yes

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