Arrábida beaches with municipal cleaning

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Cleaning operations carried out by the Municipality of Setúbal guarantee, on a daily basis, the hygiene and maintenance of the bathing areas of Arrábida, including the surrounding areas.

From Praia da Saúde to Portinho da Arrábida, a team of eight elements hired by the municipality ensures, until September 30, that this entire area of ​​excellence in Setúbal, with crystal clear waters, golden sand beaches and a unique natural landscape, always presents the ideal conditions for cleaning and public hygiene.

Cleaning is done regularly and includes sands and respective access paths, parking lots and trails that lead, for example, to Praia dos Coelhos and Lapa de Santa Margarida, as well as the sides of the road bordering the urban area, in area of ​​the restaurant “Restinguinha”, and Portinho da Arrábida.

On the beaches of Albarquel, Figueirinha and Creiro, the teams’ tasks are carried out manually and include cleaning the sands and selective collection of unsorted solid waste, with more than two thousand bags of containers having been collected during the month of June.

Cleaning is also ensured by these teams on the Saúde and Gávea beaches, while the maintenance of the sands and the collection of waste on the Galapos and Galapinhos beaches are guaranteed by the concessionaires in these bathing areas of Setúbal.

In the case of the beaches of Albarquel, Figueirinha and Creiro, in addition to cleaning the sands and collecting waste carried out by these teams, the municipality performs a cleaning with mechanical equipment every two weeks, such as the one carried out on the morning of 16 July.

In these bathing areas, the City Council of Setúbal also performs, every year, before the start of the bathing season, a more in-depth mechanical cleaning of the beach, also using mechanical equipment coupled to a tractor, through a screening system that collects the debris.

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