“Situated Practices” bring sustainability values to the art on display

no Palácio Gama Lobo

The exhibition “Situated Practices” on the Common Origin platform opens on March 31st, Friday, at 6 pm, at Palácio Gama Lobo, in Loulé.

It will be open to the public until June 17th and, until then, it will host an artistic residency by designer and artisan Evey Kwong, as well as a conversation with director Jorge Murteira and guests.

Over the last few years, the Origin Comum platform has collaborated with several artisans and partners to revisit technologies, shapes, and ancestral models. Applying and rethinking the vernacular knowledge of each place, this collaboration resulted in a collection of simple utilitarian objects, intended for our everyday life.

The exhibition features objects developed mainly with Casa da Empreita and the Loulé Criativo Boiler Workshop. These functional pieces made of palm, copper, cork, and cane are shown side-by-side with a series of short films that offer a unique and critical perspective on the artisans’ view of their art and their philosophy of work and life.

In May and June, the exhibition will be enriched by two parallel events. First, a conversation about the documentaries of Origin Comum with filmmaker Jorge Murteira and guests (date to be confirmed), and then an artistic residency with Evey Kwong (futurprimitv), designer, researcher, and artisan based in Berlin, who dedicates her time learning about traditional crafts

With the presentation of this project outside the larger urban centers, the intention is to return the discussion on everyday material culture to the environments where products continue to be created in harmony with the environment and local culture. In this way, a space is opened for the recontextualization, involvement, and criticism of vernacular know-how, so that artisanal practices integrate the global discussion of some of the most pertinent themes of our time: sustainable production, fair trade, and responsible consumption, but also respect for the climate and well-being in the community.

A Origem Comum é uma plataforma sem fins lucrativos que se dedica a investigar, desenvolver, promover e comercializar objetos feitos à mão. Ao explorar o espaço contemporâneo para o conhecimento vernacular, coloca as práticas e artefactos artesanais no centro de uma discussão global sobre produção sustentável, comércio justo e consumo responsável. A Origem Comum trabalha lado-a-lado com artesãos, investigadores, utilizadores e instituições públicas e privadas, operando em quatro áreas diferentes, que se cruzam entre si: observatório, estúdio, workshop e loja.

Origin Comum is a non-profit platform dedicated to researching, developing, promoting, and marketing handmade objects. Exploring the contemporary space for vernacular knowledge, places craft practices and artifacts at the center of a global discussion on sustainable production, fair trade, and responsible consumption. Origin Comum works side-by-side with artisans, researchers, users, and public and private institutions, operating in four different areas, which intersect with each other: observatory, studio, workshop, and store.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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