Sintra Painting and Sculpture Awards – D. Fernando II and Sintra Photography Awards

The Sintra City Council approved the attribution of the Sintra Painting and Sculpture Awards – D. Fernando II and the Sintra Photography Awards, held in 2023.

The 19th edition of the Sintra Painting and Sculpture Prize – D. Fernando II awarded the painting prize to Nadya Diana Costa Ismail, for the work “The dead are well seeing the world” and to Maria Luísa Santana Ramires, for “The bank of the Pena Palace”.

The sculpture prize was awarded to Marco António Correia Pestana, with the work “Húmus” (negative) and to Mariana Leitão Pinhão Lourenço, with “Marias Há Many”. Samuel António Frazão Ferreira and Inês Margarida Encarnação Teixeira de Carvalho were distinguished with the D. Fernando II Revelation Award for the works “Perpetua” and Santa”, respectively.

The awarding of the Sintra D. Fernando II Painting and Sculpture Prize, which the Sintra City Council has been promoting, aims to disseminate and support plastic activity, as well as the dissemination of cultural and artistic identity.

The selection criteria for the works were based on the execution of technical and expressive mastery, the insertion of works of art in a contemporary context, as well as formal innovation and experimentalism in the use of materials.

The IX edition of the Sintra Photography Prize distinguished Susana Alves Moreira in 1st place, for the set of photographic works “Nebulosa I and II”, in 2nd place Margarida Bolsa Madeira Henriques, for the works “Buchenwald” and “Buchnwald ( Zoo)” and in 3rd place ex aequo to Eduardo Joaquim Sousa Ribeiro, for the set of photographic works “S.L.MAD 11h03 #1” and “S.LMAD 11H04 #2” and Carolina Matias Lino, for the works “The hand that holds the lake” and “Wound”.

They were also distinguished with Honorable Mentions to Tiago Manuel Gomes Leonardo for the work “Don’t try to make it right”, Federico Miguel da Lima Silva for “A.R. 003” and Fábio Miguel da Silva Cunha for the work “Paga o Ar I and II”.

The Sintra Photography Prize aims to recognize the importance of photography in contemporary culture as a form of plastic creation, intervention in reality and testimony, which gives it a unique status as a cultural and social document.

The awards and respective exhibition will be held in a public ceremony, on a date and place to be indicated.

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