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President of Equatorial Guinea starts a three-day visit to Cape Verde

The President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang, begins a three-day visit to Cape Verde today, providing for the signing of bilateral cooperation agreements.

According to a note from the Presidency of the Republic of Cape Verde, it is a state visit that will bring Teodoro Obiang to the islands of Santiago and São Vicente.

The first day of this State visit, which is part of the bilateral relations between the two States, both belonging to the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), provides for a meeting between the Presidents of Equatorial Guinea and Cape Verde, in the city on the island of Santiago.

There will be a meeting between the two delegations, headed by their respective Foreign Ministers, and a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Ulisses Correia e Silva.

At night, the President of Cape Verde offers a banquet to Teodoro Obiang at the Presidential Palace.

The second day of the visit begins with a reception in the National Assembly Palace, followed by a visit to the Operational Nucleus of the Information Society (NOSI) and the Data Center.

In the afternoon, the delegation travels to Cidade Velha for a guided tour with the mayor of Ribeira Grande, before a visit to the Center for Renewable Energies and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI) and the School of Hospitality and Tourism.

The signing of bilateral cooperation agreements is scheduled for that day.

On Wednesday, the last day of the visit, the presidential delegation of Equatorial Guinea will travel to the island of São Vicente, where it will be received by the mayor.

Following is a working meeting with the Minister of Maritime Economy and visits to the Oceanographic Center and the former ISECMAR.

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