President of the federation marks “historic moment” for golf

The president of the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG), Miguel Franco de Sousa, said today that the unprecedented presence of two Portuguese players on the European Tour in 2019 is a “historic moment” for the sport in Portugal.

For Franco de Sousa, Pedro Figueiredo, who will be joining the European Tour on compatriot Ricardo Melo Gouveia, a member of the main circuit for three consecutive seasons, is revealing of the high level of Portuguese golfers.

“It is a historic moment of great relevance for Portuguese golf. Two players in the most relevant professional circuit at the European level is a great pride, but more than that, it is an opportunity to show the world that in Portugal are affirming, if they are world-class talents, “noted the federative leader.

Pedro Figueiredo won the last of the 15 places to play the European Tour in 2019, finishing in 13th place of the Grand Final of the Challenge Tour (equivalent to the European second division), which took place in the United Arab Emirates.

The Portuguese golfer, who entered the last race in 17th place in the ranking, managed to climb two positions and finish the circuit in 15th place, the last that provided access to the main circuit in which Ricardo Melo Gouveia.

The FPG president also praised the performance of José-Filipe Lima, who “fought to the end for the entry in the restricted batch that integrates the European Tour”, having risen from 33rd to 26th place in the ranking thanks to the sixth place obtained in the United Arab Emirates, but still failing access to the main circuit.

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