Prime Video registers the best international audiences ever for original non-English language content

Prime Video achieved never-before-seen international successes with two of the most recent international releases: Culpa Minha (Spain) and Medellín (France) and became the most watched non-English original content in Prime Video’s history.

Both films, which premiered in recent weeks in 240 countries and territories around the world, set a record for international Prime Video content, following the worldwide success of Prime Video Argentina’s 1985 original film, which earlier this year was nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Film and won a Golden Globe for Best International Film.

After the world premiere on June 8, the Spanish original film Culpa Minha became the non-English language film with the highest number of viewers in the history of Prime Video. The film, based on the hit trilogy Culpables by Mercedes Ron, was number one worldwide on Prime Video during its opening weekend and since launch has been among the top 10 titles in over 190 countries, including the US, UK , Portugal, Australia, India, Argentina, France and Portugal,. Medellín, which, in turn, follows a young YouTuber fascinated by Pablo Escobar, premiered on June 2 and is the second-widest ever release of a non-English language film in over 170 countries around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Germany and Italy. More than 75% of viewers of both titles are from outside their country of origin (Spain in the case of Culpa Minha and France in Medellín).

“We are very proud and happy to see how the story of Nick and Noah crossed borders and fell in love with the worldwide audience of Prime Video”, says María José Rodríguez, head of Spanish original content at Prime Video. “Culpa Minha” is a clear example of the power of Spanish fiction around the world and how good stories have the potential to connect with the public, overcoming any language barrier.”

In addition, Prime Video today unveils its list of the 10 most watched non-English language original films and series worldwide, according to audience data outside their country of origin:

  1. My fault (film, Spain, June 2023)
  2. Medellín (film, France, June 2023)
  3. Sayen (film, Chile, March 2023)
  4. A Private Matter (series, Spain, September 2022)
  5. The Gryphon (series, Germany, May 2023)
  6. Overdose (film, France, November, 2022)
  7. The Head of Joaquín Murrieta (series, Mexico, February 2023)
  8. Fakes (series, India, February 2023)
  9. Gangs of Lagos (film, Nigeria, April 2023)
  10. Argentina, 1985 (film, Argentina, October 2022)

It’s been a historic year for non-English language movies and series on Prime Video and it’s extremely exciting to see titles from eight different countries in our top 10 over the last 12 months. The success of Culpa Minha and Medellín demonstrates that our customers around the world are enjoying local stories, created by the best local creatives and talent,” says James Farrell, VP, Local Originals at Prime Video and Amazon Studios. “Prime has over 200 million users, with Prime Video available in over 240 countries and territories around the world, a truly global and hugely diverse audience, and it’s fantastic to see how our customers respond to great stories made by talents from all over the world.”

All titles, including new premieres Medellín, Culpa Minha and The Gryphon are now available to Prime Video customers in over 240 countries and territories worldwide as part of a Prime subscription. These series and films are part of an international offer for Prime Video customers. New and upcoming releases include the television series Love Transit (Japan) and Indian Police Force (India) that will premiere later in the year.

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