Prime Video reveals the cast of Morangos com Açúcar

Recordings for the new season begin today and the series will debut on Prime Video in the last quarter of 2023.

Prime Video and TVI announce today the cast of the Morangos com Açúcar reboot. The cast will be made up of new talent, from the public casting call held in February 2023 where more than 2,000 people participated, but also young actors already known by the public and some of the most iconic faces from the first seasons of the series.

The core of new students at Colégio da Barra will be made up of Madalena Aragão (Quer o Destino), Vicente Gil (Glória), Tomás Taborda (Vanda), Cláudio de Castro (Prisoneira), Beatriz Frazão (Forever), Rui Pedro Silva (Remains of the Wind), António Van Zeller (Flor Sem Tempo), Catarina de Carvalho (Mirror of Life), Oskar de la Fuente (Tú no eres especial), Victoria Oliver (La Ruta), Simão Fumega (Por Ti), Duarte Santos (Opera André Chénier and film Caiu), Gonçalo Braga (Inspector Max), Ricardo Lagartinho Lopes (The Sibila), in addition to the already confirmed Margarida Corceiro (Quero é Viver). In addition, Ana Andrade, Cíntia Semedo, Mafalda Peres, Rita Guerner, and Rita Sanchez are joining, starting from the public casting and making their debut on TV.

The remaining cast includes the already confirmed return of Rita Pereira (Quero É Viver), Pedro Teixeira (Festa é Festa), and Tiago Castro (Fascínios). The series also features the participation of Beatriz Godinho (Cuba Libre) and Sara Barradas (Quer o Destino).

The new episodes will begin recording today, in the Cascais area. The premiere is scheduled on Prime Video and TVI in the last quarter of 2023. In February, Media Capital, owner of TVI, and Prime Video announced an agreement for the production and distribution of two seasons of the reboot of “Morangos com Açúcar”.

The series joins the growing catalog of Portuguese content on the platform, which includes series such as Operation Maré Negra, Chegar a Casa, A Crónica dos Bons Malandros, PRAXX or documentaries such as Factory of Dreams: Benfica and Quintana: Um Guerreiro Extraordinário.

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