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Prime Video reveals the trailer for My Lady Jane

The eight episodes inspired by the best-selling book will premiere on June 27th on Prime Video.

Prime Video reveals the official trailer for My Lady Jane, the new romantic series that takes place in an alternative reality in the Tudor world. The eight episodes of the series will be available on June 27th on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world as part of the Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime subscribers in Portugal can enjoy offers, free shipping and entertainment, all in the same subscription for just €4.99 per month or €49.90 per year.

Inspired by the bestselling book, My Lady Jane is a radical new version of the history of the English monarchy, in which Edward VI, son of King Henry XVIII, does not die of tuberculosis, Jane Gray is not beheaded, nor is her husband Guildford. At the centre of this new series is the brilliant and headstrong Jane, who is crowned queen from one day to the next and finds herself in the crosshairs of infamous villains who want her crown (and her head)… My Lady Jane is an epic tale of true love and great adventure, where a damsel in distress saves herself, her love and then her kingdom.

The cast is led by Emily Bader in the role of Jane Gray. Joining names like Edward Bluemel  (Killing Eve) who will play Guildford Dudley and Jordan Peters (Pirates) will play the role of King Edward.

Dominic Cooper (Preacher) plays Lord Seymour, Anna Chancellor (Pennyworth) plays Jane’s mother Lady Frances Gray and Rob Brydon (The Trip) will play Lord Dudley, the Guildford father. Jim Broadbent (The Duke) will play the role of the Duke of Leicester, Jane’s uncle.

Also joining are Henry Ashton (Creation Stories) as Guildford’s brother, Stan, Isabella Brownson (Napoleon) and Robyn Betteridge (The Wheel of Time) as Jane’s sisters, Kate O’Flynn (Landscapers) and Abbie Hern (Enola Holmes 2 ) as the king’s sisters, princesses Mary and Bess. Also participating are names like Máiréad Tyers (Extraordinary), Joe Klocek (The Dry) and Michael Workeye (This Is Going to Hurt).

Series creator and co-showrunner Gemma Burgess (Brooklyn Girls) is responsible for executive production along with co-showrunner Meredith Glynn (The Boys), Jamie Babbit (Domicile Homicide) who directs five of the eight episodes and is also director producers, Sarah Bradshaw (Citadel, The Mummy and the upcoming HBO series The Knight Rider) and Laure MacDonald (The Signal, The Legend of Zorro, Men in Black, Gladiator).

About My Lady Jane

Prepare yourselves for the tragic story of Lady Jane Grey, the young Tudor noblewoman who was Queen of the United Kingdom for 9 days and was beheaded in 1553… I mean… Let’s go back to telling the story as it should have happened: the maiden in danger saves itself. This is an epic tale of true love and high adventure in an alternate universe of action, history, fantasy, comedy and steamy romance. Fasten your seat belts.

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