Prime Video reveals trailer and first images of Memento Mori

crime thriller starring Yon González

The 6-episode series based on César Pérez Gellida’s first novel, Memento Mori, from the Versos, Canciones e Trocitos de Carne trilogy, will debut exclusively on Prime Video during the month of October in Portugal, Spain.

Yon González, Olivia Baglivi, Juan Echanove, Francisco Ortiz, and Manuela Vellés will be the protagonists of the series, which takes place in Valladolid.

Prime Video reveals the teaser trailer and the first images of Memento Mori, a series based on the first novel by César Pérez Gellida in the Versos, Canciones y Trocitos de Carne trilogy. The six episodes of the series, starring Yon González and Francisco Ortiz, will debut exclusively on Prime Video during the month of October in Portugal and Spain as part of the Prime subscription. Memento Mori will be the latest addition to the Prime subscription. Amazon Prime subscribers in Portugal can enjoy offers, free shipping and entertainment, all in the same subscription for just €4.99 per month or €49.90 per year. Additionally, students are offered a discounted subscription option for €24.95/year through Prime Student, which includes a 90-day free trial.

Produced by Zebra Producciones (Grupo iZen), the series begins when the corpse of a young woman without eyelids appears in Valladolid. Detective Sancho (Francisco Ortiz) predicts a sequence of homicides and, with the support of “Carapocha” (Juan Echanove), one of the greatest experts on serial killers, follows the trail of bodies that Augusto (Yon González), a sociopath from refined taste, leave it for the city. They soon discover that they are facing a killer who commits crimes as if it were a soundtrack, signing the bodies of his victims with poems. What Sancho doesn’t know is that the chase is about to turn into a very “personal” duel.

Memento Mori stars Yon González (The Telephonists, The College of the Black Lagoon), Olivia Baglivi (Dragonflies, Brigada Costa del Sol), Juan Echanove (Desaparecidos, Alatriste), Francisco Ortiz (García!, El Cid) and Manuela Vellés ( Bedtime stories, Citas Barcelona). The cast also includes Juan Fernández (El Cid, Lúcía e o sexo), Fernando Soto (La casa de papel, Cell 211), Carlota Baró (As Telefonistas, Amar es para siempre), Javier Varela (El secreto de puente viejo, The Beasts), Juanma Lara (The Black Spot, El Príncipe), Alicia Sánchez (Sky Rojo, Hospital Central), Unax Hayden (20,000 Species of Bees, Irati), Rodrigo Poisón (Parot, Secret Origins), Ana Villa ( Infiesto, El Cid) and Pau Romero (Prisoners abroad).

The six 45-minute episodes are produced by Zebra Producciones, with José Velasco, Sara Fernández-Velasco, Luis Arranz, Marco A. Castillo and Ibón Celaya in executive production, directed by Marco A. Castillo and Fran Parra, with script by Germán Aparicio , Abraham Sastre and Luis Arranz, and original soundtrack by Alfonso González Aguilar. Memento Mori has the support of the Valladolid City Council through the Mixed Tourism Society and the Valladolid Film Commission.

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