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Prime Video will premiere the Always series on June 7th

All episodes of the Portuguese series about the 50th anniversary of April 25th will be available in full on the same day

Prime Video and RTP announce today that Semper, a new Portuguese fiction series about April 25th, will debut on June 7th and also reveal the official trailer. It always has 6 episodes, all available on the platform on the premiere day and will be shown weekly on RTP1.

Amazon Prime subscribers in Portugal can enjoy offers, free shipping and entertainment, all in the same subscription for just €4.99 per month or €49.90 per year.

Produced by Coyote Vadio, each of the 6 episodes will tell an independent story, whose common chronology takes place between the night of April 24th and the morning of April 26th, 1974. Although it is a fiction series, the historical chronology of events is respected in complete – and the dilemmas, sacrifices and inspirations of the protagonists are strongly inspired by true events.

Half a century of dictatorship came to an end on April 25, 1974. The main protagonists and the development of events are meticulously portrayed. But hundreds, perhaps thousands of episodes of tension and fear, courage and adrenaline, pain and loss, fury and dreams were experienced by anonymous citizens during those intense hours that changed the country and inspired the world.


In addition to this temporal epicentre, the 6 narratives are united by a gallery of characters that intersect throughout the chapters – in some as protagonists, in others as secondary actors, in still others as extras from a decisive moment, all of them eager for some personal liberation, which joins the popular desire for Freedom and the end of the Regime.

The series is an original idea by David Neto, Luís Filipe Borges, Luís Lobão and Manuel Pureza, also the project’s director.


The cast includes names such as Gabriela Barros (Pôr do Sol), Cristovão Campos (Pôr do Sol), Sílvio Viera (3 Mulheres), Nuno Nolasco (Bem Bom), António Durões (Morangos com Açúcar), Joana Borja (Hanna), Dinarte Branco (Mr. Rui), Rui Pedro Silva (Morangos com Açúcar), Diogo Mesquita (Morangos com Açúcar), José Redondo (Morangos com Açúcar), Valter Teixeira (Salgueiro Maia – O Implicado), Gonçalo Cabral (O Clube), Natalina José (Told by Women), Teresa Faria (Festa é Festa), Beatriz Brás (A Herdade), João Vicente (Pôr do Sol), Carla Maciel (Morangos com Açúcar), Diogo Martins (O Clube), Rita Rocha Silva (A List), Guilherme Moura (Amor Amor), Joana Calado (Pôr do Sol), Ana Lopes (Strawberries with Sugar), David Esteves (Told by Women), João Arrais (Praxx) and Marco d’Almeida (Fátima). The series also features the special participation of Leonor Silveira (O Clube) and Manuel Cavaco (Pôr do Sol).

It always joins Prime Video’s growing catalogue of Portuguese content, which includes series such as Morangos com Açúcar, Sr. Rui, Operação Maré Negra, Pôr do Sol, O Clube, PRAXX or documentaries such as Senhor Presidente – O Campeonato de Uma Vida, Factory of Dreams: Benfica, Eu Amo o Benfica and Quintana: An Extraordinary Warrior.

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