Primeira edição do Festival Cuca Monga decorreu em Alvalade

Vila Afifense, Alvalade, received on October 1st, Capitão Fausto, Luís Severo, Rapaz Ego, Conjunto Cuca Monga, Catarina Branco, Atalaia Airlines and B1SPHØ, for the first edition of the Cuca Monga Festival.

Cuca Monga, which in addition to publishing music is a collective and artistic producer, was founded in 2012 by the five elements of Capitão Fausto (Tomás Wallenstein, Manuel Palha, Domingos Coimbra, Salvador Seabra and Francisco Ferreira), plus Diogo Rodrigues, Joaquim Quadros , Vicente Futscher and António Branco.

Cuca Monga, which has 200 edited works, helped train and edit artists such as Luís Severo, GANSO, Zarco, Rapaz-Ego, Reis da República, Modernos, El Salvador and BISPO.

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