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First D’ZRT night, full of magic, emotions and successes

Altice Arena

A long-awaited comeback, by D’ZRT, started yesterday with a lot of magic, emotions, an homage to Angélico, and many successes, in a sold-out Altice, and promises to continue to dazzle and delight all those who come to see them, until the 19th of August, at the Algarve Stadium, INEEWS was there to tell you how it went.

D’ZRT returned to concerts, Edmundo, Cifrão and Vintém took to the stage at Altice, and with the help of artificial intelligence, Angélico Vieira, who died in 2011, was also present as a hologram and appeared on the giant screen in ‘Verão Azul’ and ‘Mundo à Parte’. This moment was very emotional for two fans and for Angélico’s mother, Filomena Vieira, who felt bad and had to leave the room.

D’ZRT > Altice Arena ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2023.04.29

The boyband that was born in the youth series “Morangos com Açúcar”, had announced its return to the stage in 2022, and to the astonishment of some, the concerts were sold out and the dates were increased, at the Altice Arena alone, there are four concerts that D’ ZRT will do, but other theaters from north to south will count on them, followed by Multiusos de Guimarães, on the 6th and 7th of May, then heading to Porto, at the Pavilhão Rosa Mota, for three days, the 19th, 20th and 21st, Elvas follows on the 27th at the Coliseu.

D’ZRT > Altice Arena ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2023.04.29

Next month they will be in Funchal, on the 3rd of June and then they will end in Faro on the 19th of August, will they finish? They were a phenomenon when they appeared and continue to fill halls like yesterday with 15,000 fans from all over the country who attended the first concert of this return, who sang, danced and cheered with them from beginning to end of a fantastic concert.

D’ZRT > Altice Arena ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2023.04.29

Mas outra novidade foi divulgada ontem,Cifrão, anunciou que vai ser pai de uma menina.

Não percam este regresso, se ainda conseguirem algum bilhete.

D’ZRT > Altice Arena ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2023.04.29

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Upcoming D’ZRT concerts

  • Altice Arena, Lisbon: April 30th, May 1st and 2nd
  • Multiusos de Guimarães: 6th and 7th of May
  • Pavilhão Rosa Mota, Porto: 19th, 20th and 21st of May
  • Elvas Coliseum, May 27
  • Santa Catarina Park, Funchal, June 3rd
  • Algarve Stadium, Faro, August 19th

Concert setlist

  • Intro
  • Manos D’ZRT
  • Todo o Tempo
  • Caminho a Seguir
  • Para mim Tanto me Faz
  • Filosofia Rara
  • Quero Voltar
  • I Dont Wnat to Talk About it
  • Verão Azul
  • Stuttgart
  • D’ZRT Revolução
  • Hás de Smpre Estar
  • Acústico 1
  • Acústico 2
  • Acústico 3
  • Acústico 4
  • Só Depende de Nós
  • Nada a Temer
  • Feeling


  • Mexe
  • Quero Voltar
  • Verão Azul
  • Para mim Tanto me Faz

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